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How to be an efficient developer?

“How do I become more efficient or productive developer?”. This statement has been in the heads of many developers (most probably you also) especially at junior or mid levels. Before answering this question, let us understand what is the source of this question and why people are asking this in the first place? Answer to this, in our opinion, is fairly simple and can be laid down as follows: To increase their output per working hour or to simplify, get things done in or well before the given timeframe. It will eventually help them in balancing their personal and professional life. To have a good career growth and respect in their workplace. Both the points above are completely valid and achieving these will be a win-win situation for both the developer and their employer/client. Let’s move forward and talk about what kind of situations a developer will be in. Since we are talking about the developers at junior and mid levels, we aren’t going to talk about requirement gathering and